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CalMobile partners with every type of healthcare facility regardless of size and location to fill their staffing gaps. Our group gives you the ability to define your physician career at any stage, from resident and fellow, to seasoned professional, all the while enjoying an extensive list of benefits that make the CalMobile lifestyle uncomplicated and rewarding.


Unlike most ER physician groups, our staffing schedule works around your schedule to maintain a healthy work & life balance.

Competitive Pay

We provide some of the most competitive pay considering the sizes, volumes, and work load at each ER we staff.

No Admin

Focus on practicing medicine and leave all the administrative and non-medical care issues to us. The CMP partners work hard behind the scenes to allow you to focus on practicing medicine instead of attending staffing meetings, appointment applications, or any non-medical care issue.

Strong Support

Rest assured that the partners of CMP will always provide the necessary support for any issues that arise. Being an independent contractor for us is not like other groups, we will provide you with back-up and support you may need whenever it arises.


All malpractice coverage is provided through the groups we work for and include a tail.

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