Need Seamless Physician Staffing?

California Mobile Physicians is an innovative emergency medicine physician group aimed at providing ER physicians with flexible and competitive ER positions and ER physician groups with reliable coverage for gaps in their ER coverage.

Seeking ER Coverage?

At California Mobile Physicians Group, we provide the best physicians and advanced practitioners that are a great resource that will ensure your facility is completely staffed during high needs (i.e., flu season), staff vacations, or while you are looking for a permanent physician to join your staff. 2-weeks, a month, or longer. We can help.

Seeking Employment?

At California Mobile Physicians Group, we want to make it possible for you to work on your terms, allowing you to provide your expertise to those who need it most. Whether you are fresh out of residency, want to make a transition into your career, or are looking to lighten your workload as you ease into retirement, we can find the perfect placement for you!

Any Questions?

For any inquiries please email