California Mobile Physicians is a unique medical group that provides highly qualified, flexible staffing to emergency services organizations as well as unique career opportunities to emergency physicians. Founded by four visionary emergency physicians who saw firsthand the emerging needs of the emergency medical field, California Mobile Physicians invites you to explore the many benefits available to provider organizations and physicians.

Filling gaps in emergency room physician staffing is an ongoing headache that can result in high stress levels, lower quality care and patient dissatisfaction.

What’s more, it can easily divert your attention from other core activities. Let California Mobile Physicians eliminate your short-term physician staffing needs with one simple call.

We can provide emergency room physicians who are:

  • Highly qualified
  • Experienced
  • Motivated
  • Staff and patient friendly
  • Readily adaptable to your systems and procedures

Whether you need an emergency room physician for a shift, a few days, a week or a month, California Mobile Physicians can help. For more information or to discuss a specific need, please call 310-379-1516 or email us.

Whether you are a young emergency physician with entrepreneurial ambitions, someone in mid-career looking for expanded opportunities or a highly seasoned veteran interested in winding down your career, California Mobile Physicians offers intriguing possibilities.

Our innovative concept is to provide large emergency physician groups and hospitals with the qualified staff needed to fill short-term gaps in their schedules.

The benefits to you are significant:

  • Premium hourly rates
  • Greater control over your schedule
  • More variety and range of experiences
  • Less politics, more medicine

If you enjoy different environments and can readily adapt, you’ll find California Mobile Physicians a breath of fresh air in the emergency medicine field. To learn more about how you can shape your own future, please mail or email your CV and a copy of your state license, and we’ll arrange a telephone or personal interview at your convenience.

We are pleased to make available our new California Mobile Physicians brochure. Ask for one today and learn how CMP works.

Our current geographic range includes most areas of the state, and we are constantly adding qualified emergency physicians to expand our reach.

California Mobile Physicians is proud to serve some of the leading emergency physician groups and hospitals in the state.

Phone: 310-379-1516 Email: Address: 434 Manhattan Ave.; Hermosa Beach, CA 90254